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  UFO  Process
Tin plate  1st press 2nd press 3rd press
From a sheet of tin plate...
1."1st press"cut and press. 2."2nd & 3rd press"press
more deeply.
4."cut a back window"with make a hole for ascrew.
4th press
5th press
6th press
7th press
5."cut a front window" 6."make a hole"double side ,front and back for a screw. 7."folding"
double side , front and
 back .
8."cut a under side  window."
8th press
9th press
10th press
Color paint
9."cut a upper side window." 10.11."folding deeply"about
double side.
12.13."folding deeply"about
front & back.
14."coat with paint."
12 Parts   Finish !
15.cut . 
16.make a hole.  
18.wheel with rubber tire strike into an axis of a friction box.
19.friction box install with chassis by rivet.
20.bumper install between chassis and body.
21.chassis install for body by rivet.
 Tin-toy is made by many hands of people.
Later,it will be oxidized, rusting and be stone in the earth.
He carry out his mission in this time.
As like as a human being....